Evan Hodges is an in-demand bassist who works extensively in the southeast U.S. He holds a Bachelors of Music from Georgia State University (GSU), and is well versed in both electric and acoustic bass.

Evan is grounded in classical and jazz musical traditions, but believes that rules are meant to be broken. This is evident in his performances, which can include the use of electronic effects and unorthodox techniques, as well as playing a purely supportive role by “holding down the bottom.”

When he is not performing in and around the greater Atlanta area, or tracking bass at Reach Studios, Evan is working on original projects, which currently include a Pop-oriented group and an electronic trio focusing on film score-esque/soundscape music.


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Evan Hodges has composed scores for both short and feature films, the musicals Choir Boys, and The Gods of Friday Night, several nationally broadcast PSAs, and for the video game Event Horizon.

His aural palette encompasses traditional instrumentation and top-of-the-line sound libraries, which he uses to create perfectly matched cues, scenes, or sound tracks for any project. 

Music can play a pivotal role the effectiveness of a visual presentation. It needs to be supportive, but there are also times when it needs “step out front” and play the lead. Evan knows the subtle differences between the two and uses his knowledge and skills to craft compositions that maximize a production’s impact.