Anatomy of a Cue

In my video series “Anatomy of a Cue,” I dissect a film that I have scored by showing my methodology and overall approach. I expound upon how the main theme or idea was birthed, the thought process behind it, the choices of instrumentation and arranging taken, to how these creative choices help craft and propel the narrative. I hope you enjoy them, and find them helpful in some way.

Anatomy of a Cue: "Andrew's Letter"

In this video, we take a look at a period piece film entitled "Andrew's Letter." This project was not only shot on 35 mm, but the music was written by hand, and the final score was all real instrumentation, not synthetic or a midi re-creation. I discuss my approach to taking on a project like this.

Anatomy of Cue: “Blackbird”

In this video, I do a deep dive into the creation of a cue -- outlining my process from script breakdown to cue completion, with a detailed overview of the instruments and gear employed. Each sound composed through this process is meant to elevate the story and bring it to its intended fruition.

Behind the Cue: An In-depth Look at a PBS Documentary:

In this video, I do a deep dive into a few cues from a PBS documentary that I scored. I talk about the instruments behind the score by recreating signature sounds from the film, to my overall approach to writing music for a documentary film. Special shoutout to for making such great equipment that helps me to shape my sound each day.