Corporate Work Reel

While I score for narrative and documentary works, I also create original compositions for all platforms of visual media. Here are some examples of work(s) that I have created. I not only apply high quality craftsmanship to each project, but I help to cultivate a cinematic experience that will not only enhance the piece, but bring it to its full fruition.

Swift Corporate Video

I created original content for this corporate video using a combination of electronic and orchestral textures. The piece starts off slow with minimal electronic elements and ramps up to a large orchestral build at the end. 

Harlow Commercial Spot #1

For this video project, the client wanted two different stories told. While I used similar thematic material for both spots, I chose to highlight different instrumentation for this one. I alternated between the acoustic guitar and the cello, then brought the piece to its conclusion with the drums.

Harlow Commercial Spot #2

While I kept to the theme and tone from the previous spot, this piece does have its own compositional identity. While the drums conclude the first piece, percussion is used steadily through this one to create a sense of urgency; balanced by minimal piano and a celesta (bells).